Terry’s Diary: Miley Cyrus

Photo by Terry Richardson

Photo by Terry Richardson

I had an abundant amount of Miley puns to use for this, but I don’t even know where to begin. Clearly, this is her house and these are her rules, but you know the rest. These came out on Terry Richardson’s Diary on October 3rd. This happened. More happened. Then they did the most with the very least. Let’s analyze.

Terry is known for this style of photography. Nothing surprising comes from behind Terry’s lenses. We know the stories. Miley on the other hand, well, she’s been headline discussion for weeks. Since the release of “Can’t Stop” this past summer to the VMAs, Miley has been the controversial pop princess.  She’s not shy to a little controversy, but her and her management under Larry Rudolph, she is at the top of her game.

Photo by Terry Richardson

Photo by Terry Richardson

Last week, Sinead O’Connor put her two cents into the discussion. At first, Sinead had a sense of topic, but soon after lost it with a little slut-shaming and Miley went offhand as well. It’s been a spectacle and a very big mess that keeps on giving.

Whether Miley is donning her ill-fitting latex attire, appropriating cultures she has no business using for her gain, or posing nude for Terry Richardson, Miley is here to stay and will be talked about.

Terry’s Diary
Musician: Miley Cyrus
Photographer: Terry Richardson

A few selected photos from the shoot. The rest can be viewed at Terry’s Diary.

Also, check out Miley on last night’s SNL with a rearranged number as “We Did Stop.” Miley is Michelle Bachmann and the rest is…just watch.

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